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b. 1986, Binh Thuan, Vietnam/Lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City

Born to a family of traditional embroiderers, Võ Trân Châu understands the languages of threads and fabrics, and chooses textile, particularly found fabrics and second-hand clothing, as materials for her artistic practice. The provenance of the fabric is strongly connected to the subject that she addresses. By deploying materials that are closely tied to individual bodies, she portrays how strongly personal history reflects on the grand historical narrative of a society. Võ Trân Châu has had a solo shows at Manzi Art Space, Hanoi, and Salon Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. She has participated in group shows at CHAT/MILL6 Foundation, Hong Kong; Gillman Barracks, Singapore; San-Art, Ho Chi Minh City; and the 2016 edition of EVA International, Limerick, Ireland.

Image Credit: Vanya Volkov. Courtesy of The Mistake Room.

Video Credit: Vanya Volkov. Courtesy of The Mistake Room.